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Shubham Soti Cricket Club

There is a reason of forming “Shubham Cricket Club”, as Cricket was his most lovable game since his childhood. He joined a Cricket academy in Mumbai when he was just eight years of age. His father or mother use to take him to the ground with his full Cricket Kit.

After joining his studies at Modern School in Class 9th, he started playing in the College Team of his School. Later he became the Sports Captain of the school and Cricket was his most favorite game.

Shubham Cricket Club is founded to keep his interest alive and form a group of youngsters of similar age. Shubham Cricket Club got registered with Lucknow Cricket Association.

The players of Shubham Cricket Club are as under:

Mr. Deepak Sharma
Mob: +91 9889299234

Ashutosh Soti
Mob: +91 9935011690

Sankalp Singh
Mob: +91 9305108710

List of Players


Sr No. Name of the Players Date of birth
1 Abhishek Srivastava 01-11-1995
2 Shantanu Singh 07-10-1994
3 Sankalp Singh 01-11-1988
4 Aman Ojha 23-08-1994
5 Akash Chaudhary 03-08-1993
6 Ziaul Haq 01-01-1995
7 Abhishaikh Yadav 18-08-1995
8 Gavrav Srivastava 07-11-1991
9 Kumal Kushwaha 12-01-1996
10 Aman Pratap Singh 01-07-1995
11 Akchit Singh 07-06-1997
12 Durgesh Kumar Yadav 21-01-1991
13 Shambhu Saran 21-08-1996
14 Pranav Sharma 07-11-1998
15 Naman Sharma 07-11-1998
16 Ashutosh Awasthi 08-07-1986
17 Amit Gurtu 05-09-1992
18 Shubham Divedi 22-04-1993
19 Kanti Kishore 12-11-1996
20 Sidhartha Gaur 08-02-1991
21 Avi Shaikh Baghel 06-12-1997