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The new Lucknow is no less than a metro city: Anaika Soti

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Lucknow girl Anaika Soti, who was in the city recently, has been creating awareness about following traffic rules ever since she lost her brother in a road accident in Lucknow

Taking a short break from work, actor Anaika Soti, best known for her role in the movie Satya 2 visited her hometown to chill out for a few days. The actor, who had settled in Hong Kong when she was just 2, later came back to the city of Nawabs with her family. While work might keep her busy in Mumbai, Anaika says she keeps coming back to Lucknow to meet her parents, who live in Nirala Nagar area. “Coming back to the place where you belong is always a nostalgic. This time I came back to Lucknow after two years and I saw a drastic change in this short span of time in terms of infrastructure. The new Lucknow is no less than a metro city ,“ shares Anaika, adding, “ And while the city might have changed drastically, the people of Lucknow haven’t changed a bit! Their concern for each other is still the same. Even today , Lucknowites will immediately come to help each other in times of need, while this is a rare sight in a busy city like Mumbai.“In an unfortunate incident, Anaika’s younger brother, Shubham Soti, who was just 16 then, died in a road accident in 2010. After recovering from the shock, Anaika’s fa ther, Ashutosh Soti, along with her, has now started an NGO in his son’s name which tries to spread road safety awareness. “He was my only brother and I used to pam per him a lot as I used to consider him as my son. I was in Lucknow and I was cooking something for him when I got to know that he met with an accident,“ says an emo tional Anaika, adding, “Initially I thought that the accident might be a minor one. But when my father didn’t clearly tell me about it and Shubham didn’t come home for the whole night, I sensed that there must be something serious.“ Anaika further shares, “It was a suicidal moment for me when I got to know about his death in the morning. That incident left me in a shock for years because he was the dearest of all.“

Now making people aware about traffic rules, Anaika says that everyone should follow them. “It is rightly said that durghatna se der bhali, which people actually don’t understand. It is sad to see how Indians don’t follow the traffic rules seriously. Unless they face a personal loss because of a road tragedy, they don’t understand the importance of traffic rules,“ rues the actor, adding, “Agar bachpan se bac cho ko traffic rules ki knowledge di jae, then they will certainly get to understand the importance of it. It is the parents’ guidance which matters the most in the end.“

While talking about the Good Samaritan Law passed by Supreme Court in 2016 which generally provide basic legal protection for those who assist a person who is injured or in danger, Anaika says, “I was waiting for this type of law for a long time as the one who wants to help during a road accident generally backs out because of police enquiries and court hearings. After this law, one can atleast come forward without any fear to help the victim.“

Anaika soti

Anaika soti

Anaika Soti

Source: TOI

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