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Shubham Soti Foundation | Testimonials

Anaika Soti

He told me “kaks make thepla for me i’ll come back from school and have it ok” and I was doing as he said, and the next thing I hear is my baby bro was hurt, and the whole night I kept waiting for my daddy to arrive and say that babbu was fine, but as we all know he wasn’t, and I was broken to pieces insanely shouted out for my brother to come back. Did I know that those were his last words to me?
He was so precious to me, no one knew it nor did babbu, I’m sure he knows it now though that I’m crazy about him.
He was so loving, never abused like other kids, had the best qualities, whenever we had a fight I reacted aggressively while he just smiled and ignored, never did he retaliate, and that would bring the guilt in me and I would go apologize, well I had an ego, and he had no signs of ego so sometimes though my fault he apologized, my brother was THAT great. A very modest little boy with simple, pure and matured thoughts to bring love and happiness to the environment. My daddy as we all know is bringing his thoughts to action and has thousands of supporters to make him a super star that he always was.

Anika Soti

To my son Babli from Mother

It is so difficult nobody can fill this gap, why is it so? Such a big loss can’t imagine it is difficult in everyday life, how can a person live but see we all are still breathing as babbu is the only person who was the brother of two sisters who will pay the loss. My loss is not repairable, its is just diverted but impossible-still trying as he was the only one who could take the hold of the whole family is dreams were pure and his thinking very pure. He never thought of breaking anybody’s heart, he always wanted me to be happy and do good things. He would love to be fed food by my hand even when he grew 16 years and i would love to feed him, he was my over grown baby. He is with me always, he has given me a reason to breathe i.e., for his sisters as for him I was the world and for me he will and will remain my world my universe. I’m living with only one motive that is to fulfill his dream to be a famous personality that he already is now.

To my son Babli from Mother

Ashish, Mumbai

Miss n luv u our Hero you don’t know what u are giving to this world today there are thousands of innocent people who are saved by your dad’s mission which is only because of you. Once again love you i knw u are looking at us and giving us blessing from Heaven but you also don’t know that you are living in how many hearts and saving their life.


Unique approach

I have seen other organisation they work on the same tag line i.e. Helmet drive, seat belt drive, however Shubham Soti Foundation works on the left out points. I have seen their Zebra Flag Campaign, RWA Wardens. These are also points needs improvement and they are working on that.

Good Work!

Keep Going!

Anwarul Islam Abbasi