Things to pay special attention on road safety. If you are walking then these methods must be adopted from the point of view of road safety.

Make sure you’re visible to drivers at all times and make eye contact with them whenever possible. This is especially important at night, in low-light conditions such as dusk or dawn or in inclement weather.

on road safety

  • Always walk on the footpath. Where there is no footpath try to walk close to the extreme right side of the road so that you can see the oncoming vehicles clearly.
  • Crossroads where there are pedestrian crossings. If you don’t see any pedestrian crossing around you then watch the road on both sides and cross when it is safe.
  • Young children should not be allowed to walk in the roads alone or play and run on the road or road-side. While you walk on roads with your child always hold the hand of your child.
  • At night time pedestrians should wear bright or light-colored cloth so that drivers coming from both directions can see you clearly even in poor light conditions.
  • Do not walk on the road after consuming alcohol or drugs.
  • Put down your phone. Smartphones and handheld electronic devices are a daily part of life, but they take your eyes off of the road and distract your attention.
  • Use extra caution at the time of crossing multi-lane roads.
  • Be extra careful at road intersections. Before crossing roads at such areas take a watch around you for oncoming vehicles.
  • While walking in rainy weather, take care that your umbrella does not prevent the view of the oncoming vehicles.

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