About Shubham Soti Memorial Trust

“Shubham Soti Memorial Trust” is founded in the fond memories of our dear son Shubham.

Shubham met in an accident on 15th of July’2010 and left this world for ever and ever. He was a young boy of principles, in such young age he has taught us so many things about humanity, environment, respecting the elders and humbleness. He was a very kind hearted person and full of love and care for underprivileged in the society. He always use to motivate me for tree plantation and taking care of trees which are under nourished and doing something for the deprived ones in the society.

Shubham was studying in class 12th in Modern School, he wanted to be a perfect citizen and become a Corporate Lawyer. He was elected as “Prefect” in his school in Class 9th and later in Class 11th he became the “Sports Captain”. He was loved by everyone in the school, be it his teachers, class mates or friends.

In order to follow the ideologies of Shubham we have decided to undertake the social activities under the banner of “Shubham Soti Memorial Trust”. We also want to keep his name alive for ever and by doing such social activities his soul will be very happy and satisfied.

Following are the few activities which have already been initiated:

  • As he was studying in Modern School and an All-Rounder so we decided to do something there and hence initiated a “Shubham Soti Scholarship for All Rounder Student of the Year”.  This scholarship will carry Rs.10,000.00 Cash, A certificate and A Trophy
  • Shubham Soti Football Inter-School Tournament” is also finalized and will be organized with the joint effort of Modern School.

Following Social Activities are also under pipe line

  • To initiate “Shubham Soti Counseling Helpline” for the age group of 16-21, which will be free of cost. This Helpline will assist them in shaping their future and becoming the perfect citizens, also give them career counseling. Here Contact Classes will also be conducted for the same.
  • An Old People Home, Orphanage clubbed with a Rehabilitation Centre.

SS Memorial Trust is founded with a cause and with lot of emotions involved in it with a great vision for taking up real time social activities for the benefit of the society.

Warm Regards,

(Ashutosh Soti)
F/O Shubham Soti
Founder & President
Shubham Soti Memorial Trust