About Shubham Soti

Shubham was studying in class 12th in Modern School, he wanted to be a perfect citizen and become a Corporate Lawyer. He was elected as “Prefect” in his school in Class 9th and later in Class 11th he became the “Sports Captain”. He was loved by everyone in the school, be it his teachers, class mates or friends

Shubham met in an accident on 15th of July’2010 and left this world for ever and ever. He was a young boy of principles, in such young age he has taught us so many things about humanity, environment, respecting the elders and humbleness. He was a very kind hearted person and full of love and care for underprivileged in the society. He always use to motivate me for tree plantation and taking care of trees which are under nourished and doing something for the deprived ones in the society.

Words from Father

“Shubham Soti Memorial Trust” has been made by me on 1st of Sep’2010 in the memories of my GREAT SON Shubham Soti, who came on this earth on 5th-Jan’1994 and left on 15th-July’2010. He lived for 16 years, 6 months and 10 days only. In his such short span of stay he gave me so much which will be sufficient for me for throughout my life, I simply plan to follow his ideologies and do some social activities which would be really beneficial for the society at large.

He was a great kid as a SON, a lovable BROTHER and a wonderful PERSON. Anyone whosoever met him even once can never forget his personality. He was a very humble & kind hearted person, paying regards to all elders was in his blood.

I am planning to do something but nothing is finalized as yet, everything is under thought process