About us

Shubham Soti Foundation was founded in the year 2010 in the fond memories of my only son Shubham Soti, whom we lost untimely in a road accident. Shubham was a very dynamic and brilliant kid who left this world on 15th of July’2010 for his heavenly journey.
We thought of taking up Road Safety Awareness as our major agenda for rest of our lives by making an organization in the name of our beloved son. The idea was emotional and very firm, the only way to overcome the impact of this ever possible greatest loss in anyone’s lifetime.
Hence the Shubham Soti Foundation was constituted involving a group of likeminded people and started working on the agenda of creating road safety awareness in the city of Lucknow and surrounding areas.
During last five years we have taken up several steps in the area of creating Road Safety Awareness such as:

  • Walkathon on Road Safety: Every year on 5th January we do this activity wherein several Schools, Colleges and Corporate participate with full enthusiasm. They carry the messages about following the traffic rules and give lesson to the society to adhere with the traffic rules while driving the two and four wheelers, which is followed by A Quiz on Road Safety and the prizes are given instantly. Then in the afternoon we distribute Helmets to the two wheeler drivers who are not wearing the Helmets and give them the lesson and teaching about the importance of the same.
  • Workshop in Schools & Colleges: In this activity we organize workshops in various schools and colleges with the help of Lucknow Traffic police. Here we tell the students the importance of following the traffic rules
  • Workshop in Corporates: We have organized Seminars on Road Safety in several corporate. Here we visit them with a personnel from traffic police and show them some presentations about road safety and the impact of following and not following the traffic rules
  • Don’t Drink & Drive Campaign: We had organized Don’t Drink & Drive Campaign in the year 2014 in Lucknow in collaboration with NDTV. A rally was taken out with slogans and messages showcasing the cause and signature campaign was performed.
  • Stop use of Mobile while refilling of petrol: This campaign was organized on various Petrol Refilling Centers in the city of Lucknow for two weeks where we have tried to explain the two wheeler and four wheeler drivers that how hazardous is the use of mobile while refilling of petrol, diesel or CNG.
  • Drive Lucknow Campaign: Drive Lucknow Campaign was organized by us which was an initiative of Times of India. Here the seminars and workshops were organized in different schools, colleges and corporate about the importance of following the traffic rules. The campaign was run for more than four weeks in the city of Lucknow. School visits to Traffic Training Park was organized. A motivating talk was broadcasted by Radio Mirchi along with SSP Lucknow.
  • Live Projects on Smart Roads: On 15th July’2013 on the occasion of Foundation Day of our organization, many live projects made by engineering students were shown.
  • Shubham Soti Road Tahzeeb Club: The members of the, this club take the pledge of following the traffic rules while driving & no littering on the roads. Very importantly to give first right to senior citizens, children and cyclists while crossing the roads. Hence the members of the club are like ideal citizens driving vehicles on the roads.

Likewise we have taken up several activities to create awareness in the area of Road Safety. We have tried our best to remind the masses to follow the traffic rules not only for the sake of fear of getting caught by traffic police but as thumb rule. It has to come in our blood and our sanskars to wear the helmet and tighten the seat belts as soon as we are out of our house for the safety and secured future of ourselves and our families whom we love the most.
Few credentials and recognitions:

  • Member of Indian Alliance of NGO’s for Road Safety. Also elected as Treasurer of the same Alliance.
  • Nominated twice for Maruti Road Safety Awards in the year 2014 & 2015.
  • Team Amir Khan has visited Lucknow for my interview for Satyamev Jayate. Episode on Road safety. They have published the same on their website.
  • Story of Shubham Soti Foundation was published in a Bangalore based portal “Your Story.Com”, which has five million viewers & readers.
  • Lucknow Traffic Police has honored us for the work done by our organization Shubham Soti Foundation in the area of Creating Awareness on Road Safety in 2015 at Ravindralaya on the occasion of an event organized by them during Road Traffic Safety Month.
  • Our story and initiative on Road Safety was covered by “Aaj Tak” in their “News Bulletin” and also “Headlines Today” in their “Good Morning News” program.

The above mentioned activities are some of the initiatives taken up time to time by Shubham Soti Foundation in the larger interest of masses. Now we have started working towards the behavioral change in the society for this cause.
PAN INDIA we wish to organize various campaigns for creating awareness for Road Safety as it’s the major threat to human life. Every year approximately two and half lac deaths are reported in road accidents across India, whereas so many causalities are not reported in natural calamities such as Earthquakes, Tsunami or not even in Terrorism. Hence we need to address the issue of Road Safety very aggressively and in a planned and organized manner.